How To Constantly Learn And Teach Yourself

I love learning. I love the idea of knowing something new and expanding my mind. I always enjoyed school and learning new subjects and topics and now that I am no longer in school I make it a point to learn something new almost everyday. Whether it is picking up a new language or reading a marketing book or even searching the best brain game apps. Learning is something that I think should be cherished and I hope one day everyone realizes the importance of knowledge. Since I am a huge advocate for learning and I love teaching myself, I thought I would share some tips that help me stay focus and excited about whatever topic I want to learn. 

Pick A Topic That Excites You

Is there something that you have always wanted to learn or were dying to try? Then why not try it? When wanting to learn something new choose something that you actually want to learn. It is super refreshing when you have the opportunity to actually learn something that you are interested rather than a topic for work or school. 

Look Up Resources

Once you found your topic of interest it is important to find good, reputable sources to learn from. This is the time you must make the decision if you want to purchase a course or app, or just try free online classes/seminars. If you don't have the means to buy something then look at your neighborhood public library or online. There are so many free trials, classes, blogs, and a ton of other resources you can use. 

Make A Plan

Set up a schedule. Just like school and work, you need a little bit of structure if you want to succeed in your conquest to learn. Carve out an hour or two at night or during lunch for your new course. I personally like to use a planner and lesson plan what I want to learn during the week and schedule out each day's topic. I will give myself mini assignments and "homework" with a due date to solidify what I have learned. The best part about doing this is that if something comes up or I get swamped with life I don't feel obligated to get the work done. I will however make it a point to get it done at some point once time allows. 

take notes

Treat the course or lesson that you have decided to learn as you would if you were in school. Be focused, attentive, ready to answer questions, and take notes. It has been proven that writing down what you want to learn will help solidify the information in your brain. It is important to remember not to run videos or lessons. Take your time and make thorough, clean notes. Color code them and make them legible. This way you can always reference what you wrote down and will be able to study or understand the material better. 

teach or discuss with other

Once you have finished a class or a lesson discus the topic with others. Write on discussion boards, email the teacher, or call a friend who is learning the same material. The absolute best way to understand something is to talk about it with others and then teach it to someone else. Yes, that's right. Once you have learned the material, teach it to a friend, your spouse, or parent. Seek their help to allow you to walk through problems or theories with you so you can fully master the subject at hand. 


I hope this article helped you get an idea of the best ways you can teach yourself and learn a new subject. Now go brainstorm and choose something new and exciting that you would love to learn!