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Service Review: Instacart


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I recently started using the service Instacart and it has been an absolute life saver! As a new mom, I am still trying to find my “mom groove” and sometimes I can’t make it to the grocery store. Instacart allows me to get the groceries I need for the week without having to leave my house. I know people hesitate to use these services due to the quality of products that they may receive but I have yet to get anything bad (and I order avocados)! Definitely worth trying!

Product Review: Lovevery play gym



Charlotte absolutely loves her play gym by Lovevery and so do mom and dad! Not only is this a great place for Charlotte to practice her tummy time, but this play gym promotes her cognitive, visual, and motor development. It comes with a removable tent cover (to make a play fort), a play guide, and the mat has 5 different learning zones (learning to focus, making sounds, how things feel, hiding and finding, and exploring colors). The different zones also have flaps that close so Charlotte won’t become overstimulated. I can’t think of a better play gym for Charlotte to spend her first couple of years on! You can find this play gym online at 

Book Review: The Magic of Motherhood by Ashlee Gadd


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A few days after I got home from the hospital I started reading "The Magic of Motherhood" and I am sure happy I did. A friend ended up giving me this book as a gift and I honestly thought I wouldn't like it. I wanted books full of information on how to teach and take care of my little one. I was completely surprised when I found myself LOVING this book. I couldn't put it down! This book is a compilation of stories from other mothers and their personal experiences with motherhood. I felt as though I became connected with these women. I was now in their shoes and I felt like I was being guided as a new mother. I finished this book in just two days and was sad when I got to the last page. A must read for all moms.

Book review: what to expect the first year by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel


There is a reason why they call this "The New Baby Bible". It is full of an extraordinary amount of information. Stuff that you will need and want to know. First time mom and don't know how to burp your baby? It lays out instructions. Mom of three and experiencing a "challenging" newborn? This books tells you why your baby might be crying at the slightest thing. Planning on going on a trip and traveling by plane? This book gives you tips on how to travel with a newborn. Overall, this book has been a life saver when trying to understand my little one and it has taught me techniques I can use to soothe her. It also has helped me look out for key milestones that my baby should be hitting each month so I know she constantly developing and growing. I personally recommend that you get and read this book before baby arrives since it lays out awesome tips, tricks, and other useful information you may need right after baby is born.

Product review: Parent's Choice DIapers


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I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE THESE DIAPERS. I am not kidding when I say they have ruined at least five onesies over the course of two days because they didn't absorb jack squat. I could go on for hours discussing how awful these diapers are but I am just going to leave it at this. If you receive these diapers as a gift see if you can exchange them for another brand. And I know that these are pretty affordable diapers but you are just shifting costs by having to purchase more onesies and clothes in the long run. Just spend a little extra on diapers that are up to the job. 

Product review: Huggies Diapers


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I love Huggies diapers. I think that they are super absorbent and soft. A huge difference I saw between Pampers and Huggies was the softness factor. I feel as though that Huggies are more comfortable for my little one. Also, her giant poop explosions stay contained in her diaper which is a miraculous thing as mom. Contained poop = less laundry.

Book review: Brain Rules for Baby by john medina


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During my pregnancy I was 90% sure I was going to quit my job and become a stay at home mom. I daydreamed about teaching her new things each day and being involved in her life constantly. I knew I was going to be spending a large amount of time with her so I thought I'd better start learning the best ways to take care and nurture my little one. So, I went to the book store and while searching for the best parenting books I stumbled across "Brain Rules for Baby". This is easily one of the best parenting books out there. In this book, Dr. Medina - a developmental molecular biologist and father - teaches you how to be and effective but loving parent. He uses logic and funny stories to keep you entertained and all of his knowledge is written out in a fun, informative way. I think this book should be a requirement for all parents to read. I got this book in the middle of my pregnancy, but I recommend reading it when you first find out you are pregnant since the beginning discusses the first trimester.

Product review: Honest Company Diapers


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At my baby shower one of the gifts that I received was a tower of Honest Company Diapers with some mini products hidden inside. They were a super cute floral pattern that my baby girl can rock when we go out and about. That being said, the pattern is pretty much the only thing I like about these diapers. They aren't very absorbent and have the same feel as Parent's Choice diapers (which I loathe). Basically these diaper are awesome for a baby fashion statement. 

Product review:  Disposable Nursing Pads - Lansinoh


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Alright, if you don't know, when your milk comes in you will literally be a fountain. Milk will shoot out of you and get everywhere. So when you go out in public you will need to take proper precaution and wear some nipple/breast pads. Lansinoh Disposable Nipple Pads easily stick to the inside of your bra and absorb any leakage. While these suckers get the job done they do sometimes ruffle or scrunch making it so they are visible through clothing. Plus, they aren't very environmentally friendly.   

Product Review: Fisher Price sweet surroundings cradle n' Swing


(She loves her swing more than it shows in this pic)

(She loves her swing more than it shows in this pic)

Our baby got a bit colicky going into her 6th week of life. My husband and I were distraught. We didn't know how to comfort her and we were at our wits' end due to the intense cry sessions she had. One day my mom drove down from Scottsdale to visit for a few days. She suggested that we get a swing. We didn't get the swing we had registered for and honestly didn't think we would need one, but my mom had luck using one with me when I was a baby so I thought I'd give one a go. My mom and I made a quick trip to Target and found this swing. It was easy to set up and once my baby girl started crying we put her in it, turned up the swing, put on the noise maker, and BOOM no more crying. She loves the swaying motion and she talks to her friends (animals on attached mobile) when strapped in. Now, to be honest, this doesn't always get her to calm down, but it does the job the majority of the time. Plus, if I need to get dishes done or make a phone call, I can set her in it and have a pair of free hands. 

Product review: Pampers Diapers


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I really do like pampers. They were the first diapers we used on our little one since they are what you receive in the hospital. Overall, they absorb and fit very well however I don't think that they are as soft as Huggies brand. So pretty much, Pampers would be my second choice if they were out of Huggies at the store. 

Product review: Reusable Breast Pads - Bamboobies


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If you don't want to get disposable breast pads and would like to help out the environment, then I recommend getting Bambooies Breast Pads. These pads absorb any leakage that you may have and they sit comfortably inside your bra. They are easy to maneuver and place so it doesn't look like you are wearing anything else but your bra. Finally, they are eco-friendly. I will say, if you decide to go the reusable nipple pad route, get a weeks worth of pads (about 6-7 pairs) so that way you won't have to be doing laundry every other day.