9 Postpartum Outfits And Items To Have


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Here is a list of what I recommend wearing after baby is born. These items helped me have an easier, less worrisome transition back into society and allowed me to remain comfortable inside and outside of my home.

Nipple Pads

Once your milk comes in, your little piranha will not be able to get enough of your booby milk. This will cause your breasts to randomly produce milk throughout the day, with or without her attached to you. Wear nipple pads whether they are the disposable or reusable kind. This is the only sure fire way to avoid nice, big, wet circles appearing on your chest. Make sure to change them out periodically so you don't have any visible leakage. Click here to see a review of disposable versus reusable nipple pads. See below for link to purchase nipple pads.

Black Shirts

Black shirts are great to wear in case you run out of nipple pads and start to leak. Wet marks aren't as easily seen on black so you don't have to worry about people looking at your wet chest. However, you will have to feel the cold milk dripping and touching your skin (just remember to bring extra nipple pads to avoid this uncomfortable situation). 

Button down shirts/dresses

If you are breastfeeding, the thought of whipping out your boobs in public to feed your little one can be a bit intimidating. Do you lift up your shirt? Do you pull your shirt down? It is a tricky, complicated dance trying to nurse your little one without taking off your entire shirt. Button downs are extremely helpful. You can keep one side covered while your tiny human is latched on to the other side. (Want extra coverage? Try a nursing scarf. Not only are you completely covered but the scarf can be used as a carseat canopy, shopping cart cover, and a fashion statement).  

Nursing Bras/Tanks

You have a screaming baby on your hands. She is starving and needs booby milk now! With a super easy snap, she has instant access. No trying to lift up your shirt or take it off completely or removing your bra. Snap, attach, done. You now have one satisfied little human. 

Shirts that cover your butt

After you leave the hospital you will be wearing thick maxi pads, diapers, granny panties, anything to help with the excessive bleeding. You will have diaper butt. Im not joking... Worried that people will gawk at your booty while you have to run errands? You can easily wear a long flowy shirt/tunic/blouse with leggings. You get to stay comfortable without those awkward stares. 

Flowy dresses

Similar to shirts that cover your butt, flowy dresses are a great way to hide a lumpy diaper/pad booty. Plus, they are perfect for summer time! Not only do you get to stay comfortable but you can cool off in a pretty sundress. 

Comfortable pajamas 

Seriously worth the investment. I am nine weeks postpartum and I still wear my super soft pjs that I took to the hospital. They are my relaxation pjs. Plus, if you can find a super cute pj outfit, you won't feel the need to change if you have company come over to visit the baby.

Loose tank tops

Great for at home feedings. You can free boob it and when your little one needs to eat, you can easily pull the strap over and BOOM! They have easy access to their favorite meal. 

High waisted bikini or one piece

It is summertime and it is HOT! You want to hit up the pool with your friends and family. Maybe even see how your baby will like the water, but there is just one small problem. You aren't as confident as you once were. A lot of women experience this after they give birth and I am sure putting on a swimsuit sounds like the worse idea ever. You shouldn't let this dictate your life and stop you from having an amazing pool day though. There are super cute swimsuit choices if you feel uncomfortable or want more coverage (stretch marks are a B*tch).  You can now find amazing one pieces and high waisted bikinis (back in style! YAY!). Also, don't to go swimming or be submerged in water until you get the go ahead from your doctor! You want to make sure you are all healed up down there before you do anything!

Remember, if you want to wear something, wear it! Don't let the fact that you had a baby dictate that! These are just some suggestions that I have that helped me with my transition from pregnant to postpartum life. You can do anything and wear anything you want and look amazing. You are a warrior, leader, role model, and you are beautiful. You are a mom.