What Should You Pack In Your Hospital Bag?

When I was getting my hospital bag ready I definitely overpacked. I looked on Pinterest for the most comprehensive lists on what I needed to have during and after labor. I was so stupid. A lot of the stuff that I packed stayed in my bag or in the corner of my hospital room. I learned a valuable lesson - that you don't have to pack your entire nursery up and bring it with you. Here is a quick, short list of what I will be packing my second time around:

  1. Comfortable pajamas that button down the front (I have two sets from Target and I love them!)
  2. Nursing tank top
  3. Robe/Cover up
  4. Normal toilet trees (you will definitely want to take a shower after giving birth)
  5. Going home outfit (for me it was my maternity leggings and a long, loose shirt, and slippers)
  6. Slippers (the hospital ground is gross)
  7. Shower sandals
  8. Outfit for baby to go home in
  9. Outfit for baby to wear in first picture (optional)
  10. Baby nail file (super weird but my baby was born with longish nails and we needed to file them down right away and the hospital didn't have a file we could use)
  11. Car seat (you have to have one to even leave the hospital)
  12. Phone charger
  13. Pillow (you will sleep better in the uncomfortable hospital bed)

Here is what I will leave at home: 

  1. A cute, trendy outfit
  2. Underwear (you will have nice maxi pads and diapers that you'll wear after giving birth so you don't need underwear)
  3. Bras (honestly you aren't going to want to deal with the hassle of a bra, even a nursing one)
  4. Nursing pillow (my nursing pillow was too big for my little newborn's body to lay on. We just used the flat hospital pillows)

I hope this helped you! And if you are thinking "Suzi, this list is sooo short? This can't possibly be all I need to bring?" You better believe it! The hospital provides so much for you that you don't need to bring your own pads or breastfeeding stuff. Heck! You could honestly just wear the gowns they provide the entire time you are there and not even bring pajamas! So don't stress so much about making sure that you have EVERYTHING. If worst comes to worst send your hubby or family member to pick some stuff up from your house or if you are traveling a far distance, chances are there is a Walmart near by.  Comment below what you forgot to bring/needed with you at the hospital and what you could've left at home!