Is It Worth It To Buy Maternity Clothes?

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During my pregnancy I didn't think I would really need to buy maternity clothes. I expected that I could get away with wearing loose dresses and flowy tunics with leggings. I was sooo wrong. By the time I hit about 25 weeks (I had a small belly so I was able to wear my pre-pregnacy clothes longer) I needed to adjust my wardrobe so it didn't feel like I was squishing myself into my work pants. I went to Motherhood Maternity and Destination Maternity, and shopped online on Pink Blush. I found a few cute pieces and was able to spend the rest of my pregnancy comfortable and fashionable. Here is why you should invest in some maternity clothes:


First thing you will want to get is nursing bras in a new size. My tiny boobs blew up and so did my band size. I kept wearing my old bras and it was EXTREMELY uncomfortable all day long at work. I would have to sneak into the bathroom and readjust or let them breathe for a little bit. Go to the store and see if you can get measured or measure yourself at home using a guide (you can find one online). Just get some new bras because not only will you wear them during pregnancy but you will also wear them after you give birth. 


When I went shopping I really didn't have my eyes set on getting maternity tops. Why? I already own a bunch of tops that were loose. What I didn't take into consideration was that those loose tops wouldn't cover the bottom half of my belly. I literally walked around all day with the bottom half of my stomach exposed because I didn't realize my flowy top wasn't long enough. Needless to say I was embarrassed and decided to get a few LONG tops that would also form to show off my bump. 


For the majority of my pregnancy I wore pants with a belly band, a nifty band you put around your waist over your pants so you don't have to button them (I plan on wearing a belly band on Thanksgiving even though I'm not pregnant at the moment - see link below), but there came a time when my pants did not want to come up past the middle of my thighs. I decided to get one pair of really nice maternity jeans and black work trousers. I have no idea why I waited so long! It was so much nicer and a lot easier to slip on some maternity pants rather than force my thighs into my pre-pregnancy pants and have a button dig into my flesh. Also, if you are going to be pregnant during the summer, definitely get some maternity shorts. You are already going to be hot and uncomfortable since you are cookin' a little one and the last thing you will want is to have your legs covered.


These are more for a fashion statement rather than functionality but I say screw it and get some cute maternity dresses! They are perfect for maternity photoshoots (which I totally recommend doing) and great for showing off your baby bump!

Overall, get some maternity clothes. You don't have to spend a crazy amount (check out Walmart and Target) and you will be so much more comfortable during your pregnancy. Also, you will wear these clothes for the first few weeks - maybe longer - after delivering and during your transition back to your pre-pregnancy body.