Bed Rest Survival Guide

Being on bed rest absolutely sucks. You are bored out of your mind, you want to get stuff done but can't, you gain weight, and you could possibly be in pain. This was me during my pregnancy. At 31 weeks I went into preterm labor and had consistent contractions until I gave birth at 38 weeks. My doctor and family were surprised that I made it that long. It was shocking! My husband and I even had to have a consult with a Neonatologist in order to prepare ourselves for an extra early arrival. Thank goodness our precious little girl stayed inside long enough (even though she was kicking down the door!) and was born happy and healthy.

The seven weeks I was on bed rest were the most boring and stressful weeks of my life. The only plus side was I went on bed rest during busy season (I was an auditor) and got to stop working 50-55 hours a week. The downside to that though was no more paycheck and a different kind of stress. A much worse stress. The stress and worry of "Is my baby okay? Is she healthy?" I needed to find some productive, helpful way to keep my mind busy and fill my time besides watching Netflix (it is actually embarrassing how much tv I watched). I thought I would put together a little guide of things women on bed rest can do to occupy my time. I was able to keep my mind going and ease my stress. The best part about this guide is I continue to use it even when not on bed rest. It can actually be used throughout your pregnancy and after baby is born. There are such wonderful ways to decompress and relax included in this guide. 

The guide has various section with different types of activities that are either relaxing or get your mind going. This way you can keep that baby inside and cookin' while staying entertained. Some examples of activities are:

  1. Write a story you can act out for baby when she arrives
  2. Dim the lights and take 10 to 15 minutes to meditate and reflect on life
  3. Grab an adult coloring book and go nuts
  4. Draw up mock schedules (sleep, exercise, meal) you would like to be on after baby arrives

There is so much more included in the guide!

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