Baby Registry: What To Get And What To Skip

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When I signed up for our daughter's baby registry I included wayyyyy to much stuff on it. Like, did I really think my newborn was going to be able to play with a signing robot? Yes, I did... and guess what? She couldn't care less about it! I registered for a bunch of stuff that was "recommended" I get and I did not even need all of it. What happened was I made my baby registry through Amazon. They require that you check off every registry checklist box in order to receive your welcome box. I REALLY wanted that welcome box. $35 worth of stuff in it for free? Yes please! Plus, I thought, oh I will probably need all this stuff anyways so I might as well register for it. So I got my welcome box (full of amazing goodies!) and I saw people were buying me the gifts I registered for. Fast forward to now. A bunch of items that I had received I never used or are in boxes still. So, based off of my experiences of putting together the "perfect" registry and actually using only a select few products everyday I thought I would put together a comprehensive baby registry list noting what you should register for and what you can skip/buy later. See links below to view, purchase, or add these items to your registry.

WhAT TO GEt: My favorites and the important stuff

  1. Pack n Play with Changing Table and Bouncer: Favorite
    • BEST INVENTION EVER. Our Pack n Play has been awesome! We first wanted this product so it would serve as a living room bed for our daughter to rest in or play in during the day. Well, once we brought her home there was no way we were going to let her sleep in the nursery by herself so it broke down easily and we set it up in the master bedroom, right next to the our bed. There are many options and varieties when it comes to Pack n Plays, but we got one with a changing table and bouncer. We can easily change diapers without fear of dirtying up something in the living room and the bouncer is perfect for our fussy baby in the morning. The bouncer also had a build in vibrator so it calms our baby down quickly. 
  2. Swing: Favorite
    • OMG, register for a swing!!! We didn't get a swing at first. We registered for it and no one bought it for us but we should've just bought it ourselves right away. My husband and I assumed we could just swing our little one naturally in our arms and it would be the same thing. It isn't! When our baby girl started to get a little colicy, I was done swinging her. I would be rocking her in my arms for HOURS. My husband would prop his legs up on a table and sway them back and forth with her lying between them. We finally decided that we should at least buy a swing and try it out. If it didn't calm her down we could always return it. WOW, it worked instantly. We no longer had a fussy, crying baby on our hands! While it mostly is used to calm our sweet girl, it is also perfect for me to put her in and let her sway back and forth while I get some work done around the house. 
  3. Glider/Rocker
    • Super important and useful for breastfeeding and to get baby to calm down. I personally use a chaise lounge chair instead of a glider or rocker because we already owned it but I do use our office computer chair to calm our little one since it rocks. 
  4. Dresser with Changing Pad Attached
    • There is no reason why you should have a dresser and a changing table. They can double as the same thing. Plus, it is handy to only have one if you have a smaller nursery space. If you can't find a dresser with an attached changing pad that you like, you can add a box changing pad to your registry that will fit on top of the dresser.
  5. Car Seat
    • You will 100% need a car seat. You need a car seat in order to leave the hospital and take baby home. I doesn't matter if you get one that you can snap in and out or one that is convertible. You just need a car seat. Period.
  6. Stroller: Favorite
    • Get a stroller. It is so nice being able to take baby out and about on walks. I will use the stroller if I am going to the store with my husband. I will push her and he pushes the car. Or I can push her around the mall in it. She loves the movement of the stroller and I am able to get from here and there with ease.
  7. Baby Monitor: Favorite
    • This was one of our favorite, most useful gifts we got from our registry. We use it every day and night. Don't trust that you will hear baby wake up from the other room or that she won't kick her swaddle off over her head (it has happened). Get a monitor so you can watch and check on baby. It will give you such ease of mind and you will be able to sleep better.
  8. Play Gym: Favorite
    • Babies are such curious creatures. They are brand new in this world and their brains are little sponges! They love looking and checking out new things. The play gym we registered for and got as a gift is amazing. Our little one is so entertained by everything that it does and has, and trust me, you will want her to be able to entertain herself so you can get your own stuff done. 
  9. Breast Pump
    • If you are breastfeeding you will definitely need a breast pump. These little miracle machines help relieve you of swollen breasts, can increase your milk supply, and can help you create a large storage of breastmilk for future meals and purposes (just wait till baby starts teething). You can call your insurance company and you may have coverage for a free pump from select companies.
  10. Nursing Scarf: Favorite
    • I exclusively breastfeed my baby currently and I wouldn't be able to feed her out in public if I didn't have my scarf! I am not that confident about feeding my baby in public, especially because I don't want some stranger to get a look at my lady lumps. This scarf eliminates that fear and I can nourish my baby without any issue, no matter where I am. I also love this scarf because it doubles as a car seat canopy, shopping cart carrier, and its a great fashion statement.
  11. Blooming Bath Lotus and Bath Support
    • Without these items I don't know how I would get my little one clean. The Blooming Bath Lotus is perfect for the sink and I can gently lay my baby on it for a sponge bath or I can use the bath support in the actual bath tub and easily wash all the dried milk from her neck rolls. Both are wonderful and should be included on your registry!
  12. Nursing Pillow: Favorite
    • Register for a nursing pillow! It will help your little one be comfortable while they feed and you won't have sore arms from trying to support her body (after a little while they start to get heavy!). Along with the nursing pillow, I registered for a water resistant cover and a cute cover. You will definitely want to at least register for the water resistant cover since your baby will most likely spit up, pee, and poop while lying on it... and you. 

What to Get: The small stuff

  1. Diapers (Review to come on my favorite brands)

  2. Wipes - I suggest Water Wipes.

  3. A and D ointment - For diaper rashes. Recommended by pediatricians. Also, ointments are better than creams for treating diaper rashes on newborns.
  4. Thermometer - Pediatricians recommend an under the armpit thermometer.
  5. Health Kit - Includes nail file, comb, bulb syringe, clippers, and more.
  6. Portable Changing Pad - Perfect when running errands or at a restaurant. You won't have to lay your baby on an unsanitary countertop.
  7. Diaper Caddy - You are able to easily access everything you need for quick, simple diaper changes.  
  8. Diaper Bag/Backpack - You can try to carry all the diapers, wipes, change of clothes, burp cloths, and everything else around in your purse but having a diaper bag helps keep your's and baby's stuff organized. 
  9. Muslin Swaddles- These are the best swaddles. They are thin and breathable so baby doesn't get overheated (perfect for Arizona summers) and they are super soft.
  10. Baby Towels and Wash Cloths - It is more than okay to use regular towels and wash cloths and it is actually cheaper, but baby towels and wash cloths are super soft. I was going to use just plain wash cloths until I felt what baby ones feel like and I immediately decided to register for those.
  11. Crib Sheets - Get a few since your little one is more than likely going to spit up, pee, poop, and sweat on them. 
  12. Burp Cloths - Projectile spit up... Enough said.
  13. Milk Storage - Get either a milk storage system or milk freezer bags to stock up on breastmilk. 
  14. White Sound Machine - Babies loveeee white noise. It is supposed to resemble the noises that they heard while in the womb so it calms them down and relaxes them. 
  15. Baby Gate - Very important if you have stairs or pets. You can put the gate on top of the stairs so baby doesn't fall trying to crawl down them or you can use it on the nursery door (what we do) to keep pets out of the room. 
  16. Humidifier - Depending on your environment (super dry or super humid) you may or may not need a humidifier. If you live in Arizona like I do you definitely want one. It helps keep baby's nose clear and her breathing easily.
  17. Baby Carrier/Wrap - Wear your baby around instead of holding her so you can get more done. It also promotes bonding since you are so close together.

  18. Pacifiers - In all honestly, you only need two for emergencies.
  19. Bottles - Unless you plan on formula feeding only register for one box. 

What to Skip or wait to buy

  1. Activity Center (Exersaucer) - Your little one won't be able to use this until they are able to hold up their own head and have the ability to sit up. Wait to buy this until they hit these milestones.
  2. Books - Skip buying books because people will most likely give them as gifts at your baby shower. If you are worried about not getting enough books though, put a little note in your shower invitation stating to bring a book with a note in it rather than giving you a card.
  3. Clothes - People LOVE buying clothes for babies. Wait until after your baby shower to purchase any additional clothing that you may need for baby's arrival.
  4. Toys - Same with books and clothes, people will give you toys as gifts. But your little one doesn't need toys to play with right away. They just need you. Wait to buy a few toys (yes only a few! Don't go overboard) once baby's sight is more developed and she is able to focus on your face for at least five seconds.
  5. Diaper Genie/Pail - Just get a regular trash can. They are cheaper and serve the exact same purpose.
  6. Bath Sets (Shampoo, Body Wash, Lotion) - Your newborn's skin is super sensitive and shouldn't be exposed to any chemicals even if they say they are "baby friendly." Simply give your baby breastmilk baths. She will be exposed to natural healing agents in breastmilk and she will get clean. 
  7. Bath Toys - Skip on registering for bath toys and buying them until she is old enough to sit up and needs more entertainment.
  8. High Chair - You will either be breastfeeding or bottle feeding your newborn and there is no need for a high chair until you start introducing solid foods. 
  9.  Bibs - Same as the high chair, your little one won't need bibs until they eat solid foods. Also, I got a ton of bibs at my baby shower so there is a possibility you will too (they are right next to all the cute clothes in stores).
  10. Baby Bullet - Again, you won't need this until your baby eats solid foods. However, I got one as a gift and I am sooo excited to use it! But, if you already have a food processor you can skip putting this on your registry completely. 
  11. Bottle Warmer/Sterilizer - Skip it. It is so much easier to just put some hot water in a bowl or glass and then put the bottle in there. It takes the same amount of times the bottle warmer. I got a warmer/sterilizer and it sits on top of our refrigerator collecting dust.
  12. Wipe Warmer - Skip it. If you really want to warm up wipes for your little one you can just hold it in between your hands for a few seconds. My husband and I have never EVER had the need to get a wipe warmed up for our baby. She doesn't care about the wipe, she just wants a clean diaper. 
  13. Outlet Covers and Safety Latches - Wait until baby is crawling and moving around. I have never seen a newborn that can instantly crawl and pick things up. Again, wait until they hit certain milestones before you go baby proofing everything, but once they do make sure your house is safe!

What to buy yourself

  1. Crib with Mattress
    • Okay you are probably wondering why this isn't on the "What to Get" section. Well, if you are planning on having baby sleep in your room with you for the first few months then you don't need to buy a crib quite yet. You can just use a Pack n Play! Then, you can purchase a crib down the road when it is time to move baby out of your bedroom and into their own. This way you won't have to set up the crib and then break down the crib and the set it back up again. Plus, it can be awkward asking a guest to purchase such a high priced item. So, if you really want this item on your registry or know someone that will buy it for you then include it, but I would pay for this item myself when it is time to actually use it.