When Special Offers Are A Good Idea

For the most part, you should only shop with a list, purchase what you planned, and avoid last-minute purchases. However, sometimes special offers unexpectedly come along and you’re not exactly prepared. If so, it’s okay to make that last-minute purchase for the special offer if you can justify it realistically.


If any item that you normally use goes on an amazing sale, say 80 to 90 percent off, and you know you’re going to have to buy it every month or so anyway, you may as well take the special offer. Add up the approximate savings you’ll make to ensure it’s worth it first but, if you already use it (trash bags, toilet paper, etc.) and it’s a good offer, you should jump on it.

Your Freezer Has Space

If it’s perishable but you have space in your freezer and you know you can use it up within the time frame it will last in the freezer (about six months for most items), then you should go for it. If you already normally buy that item and you’re going to save a lot of money buying it now, you should do it.

It’s on Your List

If something is on your list that you’re actively saving money for and searching for and you suddenly find that item at a good deal (better than you thought), you might want to go ahead and make that purchase and put something else off until later.

You Always Wanted That 

If you’ve always wanted something that you normally would not buy, it’s not going to put you into debt, and it’s on a super-special offer that will never happen again, don’t miss out! Just get it and enjoy it!

You Have Cash 

One key to special offers is to ensure that you have the cash to pay for it. That way it won’t be put on high-interest credit, you won’t have to worry about making a payment in 30 days, and it won’t hurt you if the money isn’t designated for something more important like groceries.

Planned Last-Minute Trips 

That might sound like an oxymoron, but you can plan for last-minute trips. Set a budget, and then the day before the weekend you want to go on a trip, look for last-minute deals. Or you can budget but keep the money in savings so that when you see something that’s an amazing deal, you can snap it up. Quick trip to Napa Valley anyone?

You Like Canning 

Even if you didn't plan to can pickles today but you got that amazing special offer on those cucumbers, cancel your plans and make the pickles. If you’re not charging it on a credit card or are new to canning, it will be worth it to spend the money now to save money on it tomorrow. The key here is whether you were going to buy it anyway.

You Can Pay It Off in Six Months 

If you have credit that offers six months no-interest deals and you end up seeing a special offer for something that’s on your list, and you are positive that you can pay those six payments on time without paying interest, go for it. You should be able to make your first payment the day you make the purchase. If you can’t, ask yourself whether you can really make that payment in 30 days.

Buying things on special offer can often save you 90 percent off the retail price, but it’s only a good deal if you have the money to pay for it now without missing out on something else, and it’s something you knew you wanted before you saw the special offer.

Question yourself deeply. If you never wanted it or thought of it before you saw the special offer should you actually get it?