What Are The Best Times To Shop?

Timing is important when you are shopping for deals, sales, and bargains. The reason timing is important is that retailers introduce new items to their line on a schedule, depending upon the type of item it is and the brand. For example, it’s a good idea to buy out of season for clothing to get the best deals, and at the end of the year for cars as the new models come out. Here is a list of the best times you should be buying:

End of Day – This is especially true for thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales. Shopping at the end of the day can work with almost any type of item that is sold via a salesperson who is tired (such as furniture, appliances, and cars) if you go to locally owned and operated stores.

End of Season – Each type of product has a season. Cars are usually by year but the new models tend to start coming out in October. So, from October to December and even into January and February (if you’re willing to wait and lose out on some options), you can get good discounts on new cars.

Before the New Styles Come Out – Find out from the stores where you shop when they bring in new merchandise. They usually have a schedule for each week, month, season, and year. Then make it a practice to come in right before that day. They’re going to be more interested in making shelf space than sticking to that full price.

Before the New Model Comes Out – For large purchases like kitchen appliances, new models come out less often than for seasonal items like clothing. Ask your local store when the new models arrive. That way, you can plan to shop the week prior to the new model showing up, allowing you to get the biggest discount. (Don’t forget to ask for the best price.)

Black Friday – While many Black Friday offers are just ploys to get you to the store, you can join in on the chaos and can pretty much buy things at more than half price on this day. The key here though is to make a plan. Be prepared to say no to things you had no intention of buying and sticking to the items you did plan to buy.

Cyber Monday – This is an excellent day to shop for items on your list that you wanted to buy but didn’t find. Look for deals for only the things you want to buy. You don't want to go crazy buying random stuff you see while browsing.

Amazon Prime Day – Each year Amazon has what they call Prime Day. It’s a day where they sell over a billion dollars of discounted merchandise to their Prime members. That means all the items have free shipping, the items are limited in number and come at steep discounts. Again, look at your list and buy from your list, not just from browsing.

When You Have Cash – Don’t go shopping when you don't have money to shop. You don’t want to be tempted to spend more money than you have, no matter what time it is or what good deal it is. If you can’t pay for it right away or at least make one payment toward the six months same as cash deal, it’s not worth it.

Remember to study when the best time to buy the items you want is. Look at your list and write down the months or times that are best to buy that item. There are places online where you can find a comprehensive list for when items are best to buy.