Buying For Baby Without Breaking The Bank

You found out that you are pregnant and the excitement kicks in! You can't wait to buy cute little outfits, set up the nursery, throw a baby shower... but wait... the excitement starts to settle down... you start to realize how much stuff you'll need in order to take care of a baby... there is no way you will be able to afford it all! Panic sets in after taking note of everything you will have to purchase. But wait! You don't have to purchase it all! With a proper baby shower, complete registry, different sales, and affordable clothing stores, you don't have to stress about spending a ton of money on your baby (except for the hospital bill... I can't help ya there). 

Baby Registry

Register for baby items at more than one store/website and take advantage of the free stuff they will give you! A lot of places like Amazon and Target will give you free welcome boxes/gifts if you complete a registry with them. If you want people to only purchase from one store though, just don't tell them about the second registry and still take advantage of the free goodies! Visit my Baby Registry: What To Get And What To Skip post to see what you should be registering for. 

Baby Shower

Your baby shower is the perfect place to receive gifts for your little one. One downside of baby showers is your guest typically want to buy you something that isn't on your registry. That is why it is important to put where you are registered on your invitation. You can also make a note about how important it is that you receive those items. You can phrase it in a nice way like, "We kindly request that we receive items from our registry so we are properly prepared for the arrival of our precious baby." This way your guest will take note of the importance of your registry and stick to it.

If you want to ensure that you get books so you can read to your little one every night, you can include a note that states, "Books for Baby: Instead of a card, bring your favorite children's book with a special note inside. When we read it to baby, they will think of you."

If you want to receive diapers at your baby shower, include in the invitation that you will have a diaper raffle. A diaper raffle is where anyone who brings diapers to the party will be given a raffle ticket and at the end of the party a ticket will be drawn and that person will win a prize. Nothing like incentivizing others in order to get what you what.

Finally, you could skip the registry and ask for money all together. I know, this sounds absolutely terrible, and even a little tacky but people do it for weddings all the time. A cute note that you could include in your invite is, "We've been ready for quite a while, expecting our little one. As we really don't need baby gifts, we have a plan that needs to get done. We know it's not traditional, and it isn't very great. But rather than a baby list, we would like a little date. So if you would like to give a gift, and send us on our way. A donation to our babysitter fund, would really make our day." 

Diaper Party

Make your partner have a diaper party. Seriously, you will get so many free diapers. Suggest to your husband to have one of these events with a bunch of his buddies. They can hang out, drink, play cornhole, whatever. Just make sure they know it's a diaper party celebrating there bud's new baby and collect all the free diapers.  

Affordable Clothing Stores

Stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Walmart, Target, Burlington, and many others have a ton of stuff that is reasonably priced and completely affordable. I was able to buy a baby carrier, baby toys, a safety gate, a grooming kit, and about 15-20 onesies and outfits for only $200. That is a freakin' good deal!!! Also, check and see if a store will price match so you don't have to go running from store to store for the best deal.


Go to stores when they are having sales. Who cares if they are chaotic and busy, go fight for that MamaRoo Swing! My husband and I went baby shopping on Black Friday and we were able to get a car seat, a pack n' play, a stroller, and a crib for amazing prices. And these weren't cruddy products. I researched the best brands with the best safety features and best reviews and we found exactly what we wanted. Other great sales to shop are "going out of business" sales. While it is always sad to see a store bite the dust, you can't help but LOVE all the stuff you can get at 60% and 70% off. Sometimes even more! Check online, newspaper ads, and store windows for sales because you won't want to miss out on all the discounted goodies!

These little ideas, tips, and tricks will help you get the baby items that you need as a parent without having to empty your pockets.